• tech ninja   Most students and staff call me Miss Joann. 

     I am the Computer Technician for Dena Boer and Salida Elementary Schools. Along with tech trouble shooting on both   campuses, I also teach Technology based lessons every Wednesday for STEAM at Dena Boer. It is really interesting to watch   students become excited and engrossed in learning about technology, robotics and coding.

      I have been with Salida Union School District for over 8 years and have worked on every campus at one time or another   and have built strong and wonderful relationships with teachers and staff across the district. I have a Bachelor's Degree in   Liberal Studies in Culture and Media and have completed course work for a Master of Arts in Teaching. I proudly served in   the United States Army in 1995 and 1996 as a 35 Echo- Radio Communications Security Repair. I am the mother of three,   now grown, children. 

     Every December I enjoy introducing students to computer coding with Hour of Code. I have lead these activities since I   started at Salida Elementary School in 2013. I am passionate about students being exposed to Computer Science and Programming. I like to have fun while learning and teaching. I try to joke with the students and staff while still maintaining order and learning objectives in mind. Learning can be fun. I am first and foremost an educator and that is where my heart lies.  I appreciate the dynamic and lively environment that the students and staff in Salida Union School District provide.


    For more information on Hour of Code please visit CODE.ORG  

     Tech Ninja  Image created by Red Bubble artist Ethan Dirks